Nikita Sachdev

Founder and CEO of LUNA PR,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Nikita Sachdev is an Indian-American serial entrepreneur and investor. Nikita has had a keen interest in multiple industries, yet found her passion in the Crypto and Blockchain space in 2017, after working for the crypto giant, Huobi.

Nikita launched Luna Management, a talent management agency and production house, with her partner in 2015. Soon after that, Nikita discovered the Crypto and Blockchain space, which piqued her interest. She began investing in crypto and working alongside some of the largest companies in the fintech space, which led her to eventually exit Luna Management and launch her own public relations and marketing agency, Luna PR.

Luna PR is headquartered in Dubai, with a global presence. Since then, Nikita travels globally to speak at universities and conferences, including Oxford University.

Within less than a year, Luna PR went on to win the ‘Best PR and Marketing Agency in Emerging Tech’ award from Entrepreneur Magazine.

Nikita’s growth has since been tremendous and has recently caught the attention of government officials worldwide. Today, Luna PR works alongside the leading crypto and blockchain projects in the space and has worked with over 300 blockchain and crypto projects.

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