The Significance of a Marketing Agency in Elevating Your Blockchain Journey

February 20, 2024

Blockchain technology is built on principles of decentralization, security, transparency and so much more. It’s a no-brainer that this technology, a major contributor to the fourth industrial revolution, will disrupt and improve every industry as we know it. Cryptocurrencies are one of the major reasons why blockchain technology came to light in recent years, despite being conceptualized in the 90s. So while interest is climbing with the technology prevalent within the top 100 largest companies today, the spread of knowledge and familiarity is still essential for the industry to propel further.

In today's dynamic blockchain realm, a multitude of projects has emerged, each driven by passionate founders with remarkable backgrounds and a genuine desire to make a positive impact. Yet, the true measure of success transcends beyond these credentials. It rests in the hands of everyday users, businesses embracing the product or service, and the tangible benefits it brings to people's lives.

So, what’s stopping mass adoption?

Blockchain technology can seem daunting, especially to those unfamiliar with it. Often associated with cryptocurrencies, it does face challenges; such as negative portrayals in mainstream media, focusing on issues like hacks and money laundering, rather than its potential for positive impact, such as banking the unbanked and combating corruption. To balance this narrative, there's a need to highlight the optimistic side of blockchain in media and leverage social platforms to showcase its transformative potential. This is where a Web3 PR and marketing agency plays a crucial role.

Pushing a Better Narrative in the Media

Success in business is like a tango, a dance between a stellar product and an exceptional PR and marketing team. When a company emerges, embodying excellence in every aspect, the next steps become effortlessly navigable - provided you have the expertise to guide the way.

This is where understanding the space is integral - and by understanding I don't mean reading books and watching videos. I mean submerging yourself into trading (even if it's a demo account), keeping up with the industry, attending conferences, and being part of community groups on social platforms like X and Telegram.

The Importance of Community
Crypto communities are a reflection of what decentralization is about. They are an army of investors and enthusiasts who come together with an interest in a particular project. They communicate all matters within the group, share events, giveaways, and unite to ensure the project succeeds. The stronger the community, the more powerful their force.

The key to bringing a crypto project out to market is building a community around it, and this component can only happen organically. Retail investors will make up the majority of these groups and will often do their own due diligence on the company.

The first step in acquiring community members is positive media coverage, blogs, and readily available information on your project, giving investors confidence and the project credibility. This is where public relations comes in. The second step is the marketing component - utilizing social platforms, bringing in ambassadors and key opinion leaders, and conducting campaigns to shed light on the project.

So what if you've tried this and failed? There are many things out of our control, such as market conditions. But when both the company and marketing agency have good intentions, a solid foundation, and strong working ethics, you’re invincible.

While I may be spilling our secret sauce here, our goal at Luna PR is to get this industry known. With each team member passionate about the space, our incentive is to see projects becoming unicorns.

Nikita S. - CEO & Founder of Luna PR